Windows hello

Windows 10 has a new feature that allows you to log in to your computer using a fingerprint or facial recognition (via Webcam), we are talking about the Windows Hello.

In practice simply owning a webcam compatible with Windows Hello or a fingerprint reader (connected via USB).

If your computer already has one of these two devices (webcam or fingerprint readers), you’re ready to use the Windows Hello.

How to configure the Windows Hello?

Start by accessing the start menu-settings-accounts-login options. You will need to set a PIN to use this feature.

Meet Windows Hello-login with fingerprint or Webcam

If your computer has compatible hardware with Windows Hello, will appear automatically the “fingerprint reader”, otherwise will appear a message “Windows Hello is not available on this device”.

Now, just press the button “add” to start. Will display a detailed tutorial explaining how to add the fingerprint or facial recognition.

If this method of recognition fails, you can always use the PIN that defined at the beginning. To point out, that it is also possible to validate purchases in store Windows using this service.

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