According to the own singer

According to the own singer, already at the age of nine Manhas liked singing funk carioca and always received support from friends and family to follow that the artistic life. “It was YouTube that boosted my career. When I turned MC, I started attending ballads and met eletrofunk “comments. According to Curitiba, its main difficulty at the time was to convince your manager that she had 18 years and couldn’t work.
Manhas is optimistic when questioned whether traditional media – which always remained limited to serve more conservative content – is opening up to this new musical rhythm. “There’s a lot of guys who do eletrofunk. The Lexter, Naldo and Ludmilla, for example, just changed the name to funk pop. But it’s the same eletrofunk we already do for a long time, “he says.
And don’t think the artist’s routine is easy. Recordings of songs and clips are made always on Mondays and Tuesdays, while the shows generally stay for weekends. Harmonizing working life, Manhas also need to take care of Valentin, his daughter born last year. “I think I can reconcile well. At the moment I am not involved with anyone, I don’t want a serious relationship because I want to settle my life before. ”

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