Timeline part

It is difficult to delineate each Mario game and emphasize its importance. If a stay in the spotlight, another may be undeserved. If one is undeserved, another can be featured undeservedly. All games of the day will, without exception, exerted the utmost importance in defining some paradigms in the video game industry.

As already mentioned at the beginning of this story, we barely had any idea what would be the genre “platform” or that he was referring to the concept of “progression”. Until at least the end of the Decade of 1980, we didn’t know the design of two-dimensional or three-dimensional exploration.

Brings games Against, Mega Man, Castlevania and Metroid (and these last two are special for consolidate the subgenre “Metroidvania”), among others, followed a common formula. But the recipe was designed – and consecrated – Super Mario Bros.

Most of the titles of Nintendinho (or Famicom there in Japan) was possession of arcade hits. The Islands had no importance today; the consolidation came some years later, when the devices are no longer “stronghold of sizes” to House real unique masterpieces. The market began to see things a little differently and with more care.

Make a timeline of Mario is a challenging task to any self-respecting historian. There are spin-offs that just came out in Japan, modules released as independent products and other hidden things around – not to mention the participation of the mascot in many Nintendo Games as adjuvant or mere shill.

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