Test internet speed

Not always the speed of our Internet matches speed hired.

If you want to test the speed of the Internet may experience the 2 free services (end of article).

There are several factors that may affect the service like for example:

Defect in the link;
The connection is distant from the server;
Your computer is old.

Did you know: have you ever heard of the optical fiber? Did you know that fiber optics has a theoretical rate of 500 trillion bits per second? Have you thought about what you could do for your Internet? See our article: what is the fiber optic? How does it work?

test internet speed to make the test of speed, the results present a considerable difference between what was hired and you’re enjoying, contact your carrier in order to find a solution.

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If the problem is from your computer and as such cannot benefit from the desired speed, you might consider doing a “downgrade” to your call.

With this, always spare some change “at the end of the month on account of the Internet.

We are reminded that readers must suspend all activities of the Internet (closing pages, downloads, etc) so that the result is reliable.

Test Internet speed

Make the test your Internet at the following sites (you do not need to install any kind of software to perform the test):


It is not necessary to install any kind of software. On the main page of the site you will find a map with the message saying “Start Test To Recommended Server, after you click the button, the test of your call will start by simply waiting for the results.

Test internet speed


Browse the site and after accepting the conditions click on “start”, then just wait for the results.

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