Android M hasn’t arrived

Android M hasn’t arrived yet, but that’s not why the Google will sit idly by waiting for time to pass. Therefore, the company has updated the Play Store to version 5.9 and added several new tips and tutorials on future tools that the system will offer.

The Android Police reported that there are several other hidden things in the update. A few lines of code suggests that users of Play Store can use the fingerprint recognition for future purchases at the store, making it unnecessary to that system to stay all the time putting your password.

Another part of the code suggests an uninstall wizard. It will allow users to see which applications are taking up the internal storage directly from the Store, Play and also uninstall them from, making the process faster.

A last point noticed the site was using the device’s GPS to recommend content. The idea of this last feature is not exactly new, the Play Store was trying to implement it in three years, but it seems that now she is better developed.

Want to try the newest update of the Store Play? The APK from the latest version is now available for download by clicking here.

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