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Windows 10 lets you synchronize information and files on your Android, with the computer easily. To do this, simply use the “Add-on for mobile phone” that is installed natively on Windows 10.

This synchronisation dispenses with the use of cables, simply by logging in with your Microsoft account on both devices.

How to sync Windows 10 with Android

How to sync Windows 10 with Android

1. In the search bar of Windows search for “add-on for mobile phone”. Run the application and select the operating system used by your device, in this case, “Android System”.

Add-on for windows mobile 10

2. To start the synchronization, you will need to use some Microsoft applications. For example, if you plan to synchronize your photos, you should use the OneDrive. Tap the “Introduction” next to the application that will use.

windows 10 applications for android

Then log in with the same account (email) on both devices (computer + Smartphone/tablet Android).

synchronize windows 10 with android

3. In the case of OneDrive will be necessary to enable loading permissions of the camera (or camera). A fairly simple procedure and well described by the Windows 10.

4. Is ready, now every time I take a new photo it will appear in your Windows 10. If necessary, you can also connect your device via USB cable and import the remaining photos.

Synchronize other information …

The Add-on for mobile allows you to synchronize still other interesting information such as Skype conversations, Outlook e-mail, to-do lists.

You can also synchronize the information from multiple applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, as well as use the personal assistant “Cortana” on Android. If you have been having doubts, you will be able to send your comment.

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