Remove google chrome extensions

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers today, providing a fast and safe navigation. One of the most frequent complaints is the high consumption of memory RAM of Google Chrome.

But why that happens? How can we solve? A little visit to the Windows Task Manager (shortcut keys CTRL + SHIFT + ESC), reveals several Google Chrome processes to run at the same time.

Google Chrome consuming lots of RAM

In fact, you’re facing a functionality of Google Chrome, which opens each separator and extension in a different process.

That way, if some page quit unexpectedly, will not affect the performance and stability of the other pages.

You can check the RAM consumption of each tab and extension by pressing SHIFT + ESC.

google chrome Task Manager

Google Chrome consuming lots of RAM? How To Solve?

1. The first solution is to remove the browser extensions that you don’t use. To do this, simply click on the button “options”-tools-extensions. Click the removal button which appears in front of each extension.

Remove google chrome extensions

2. Another excellent solution consists in using the application “The Great Halt”. In practice, the application closes all tabs that you are not using, optimizing memory usage RAM.

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