Plugin to open odt in Word

Plans to open an odt document (created with the LibreOffice or openOffice) in Word?

No problem, there are some simple solutions that allow you to open your document without problems.

How to open odt in Word

The latest versions of Office already allow to open odt files. To do this, go to the file menu (or file)-Open.

In the tab “file type”, select “OpenDocument Text”.

Open odt in word

How to open odt in Word

Another obvious solution, is to convert your document to a supported format, in this case .doc.

To do this, you can use the free service to Convert Files.

For more information see our tutorial: Convert ODT to Word document

To avoid the problem.

To avoid this problem with odt documents, simply save their work in doc or docx format recognized by Office directly into LibreOffice.

When you’re saving your work, choose the option “Save as” and select the file type “.doc” or “docx”.

Open odt word

Plugin to open odt in Word

To open an odt document in Word it is necessary to install an add-in. download the add-in and its Setup to overcome the problem-> Download odt to Word add-in

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