Optimize Wi-Fi network

When you get an Internet plan, is established the max speed of your service. However, the user rarely enjoyed this same speed.

There are several factors that can influence the speed of the Internet, many of which can be fixed easily. Learn how to increase the speed of the Internet, and get a more fluid Web browsing and faster downloads.

How to increase internet speed

How to increase Internet speed

To start, we recommend that the reader to test Internet speed, so that you can understand the true extent of the problem and obtain a value of “reference” to compare at the end. For this, you can use services like Speedtest.net (learn more).

test internet speed

1. Connection type

Formerly the user was limited to the connection cable (Ethernet).

However, with the emergence of Wi-Fi networks, users quickly forgot this type of binding, privileging the convenience (and freedom of movement) of the Wi-Fi networks.

Nevertheless, the Wi-Fi networks are subject to interference that can degrade the signal, especially when the user is away from the router. The cable connection is not subject to this type of interference and as such ensures greater speed and less latency.

In our tests, the maximum speed of the Wi-Fi network (even near the router) was of 36 Mbps. cable While we “blow” and get 56 Mbps speeds. The Upload speed also doubled to 5.8 Mbps and the ping declined to 11ms (less latency).

measure the speed of the internet

Note: it is important to note that in our tests we use a fiber optic connection.

2. Optimize Wi-Fi network

Wi-fiTal as referred to in paragraph 1, the main problems that affect the Wi-Fi networks are interference and distance. However, the Wi-Fi networks have a huge potential for optimization.

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