One of the most chosen music download

In regards to music download programs, there are several software tools that we can use for this purpose, from small programs such as LightDownloader, that will allow us to download music from specific sites, to programs that use so-called P2P networks, which will provide us better results and of much higher quality, as well as the possibility of doing it much faster.
There is a fierce battle about the supposed legality or illegality of the Peer to Peer networks, and in many countries still there is adequate legislation to solve the problem of its use. Therefore, we must be careful regarding the use of this kind of relief systems, and take precautions when they use them.

In the following list, you’ll find a brief description and a download link for the most important applications of P2P downloading, and that include the latest versions of eMule, Ares Galaxy and eDonkey.

If you use another program to download music and you would like to share it with us, please leave us your comment at the bottom of this page to add it to this list.

Ares: One of the most chosen music download

Ares – programs to download free music
Ares is a P2P program used to download share all files, such as MP3 music, videos MPG, documents DOC, compressed files ZIP RAR, etc etc.
Ares is completely free and without any kind of Spyware program on your system.
Free Ares download from here >

iMesh: listen to and download music has never been so easy

LimeWire Pirate Edition – programs to download free music

iMesh offers excellent characteristics, in addition to which its creators and executives had the happy idea of Pact with the institutions responsible for ensuring copyright as the RIAA, which reached an agreement which allowed iMesh to become the first platform of this type “Approved by the RIAA” and 100% legal. In this article we will know that it is that this great player has to give us.

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