Both buttons are good

Despite the differences between both buttons, if you have a website it isrecommended to integrate both “I like” button and the “share button on each of thepages of our site, since thus we give visitors the possibility to disseminate our contentin the way that seem most suitable.

Thanks to the current tools, integrating both buttons to websites is very simple, andthe truth is that the only secret to success is to put the buttons in a prominent placeon the page, in order to encourage the user to interact ycompartir content.

With the passage of time, we will notice that while it is much more benefit to our website that users decide to use the “Share” button and post a positive comment, the button “I like”, have a greater preponderance, it will allow us to reach more people.

What is best? I like or share

In short, keep in mind that button that decides to press the user will be directlyrelated to the action, i.e. provided that such action is consistent with the choice of theuser. This means that people often press the button “Share” in the content that you want to recommend to others, while “I like” button is usually used to express thatsomething is to your liking.

Therefore, it is important to have both buttons, so that ultimately it is the user whodecides if our content is a simple ‘likes’ or is interesting enough to share including apersonal comment.

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