Internet turbo internet Accelerator

With a little research on the Internet, quickly find several programs that promise to speed up the Internet. Many claim to be “placebo”, others argue that these programs can actually improve the Internet.

One of the programs that has a better Feedback, is the Internet. In practice, just install the program and select the connection type you use, for example “Lan”. To finish, click “Speed Up Now > >”. It’s always a good idea to click the Backup button to save the current settings.

5. reduce the number of programs that are connected to the Internet

If you have multiple Internet-connected programs downloading files, will certainly have a significant impact on the speed of the Internet. However, there are programs that access the Internet in the background.

To find out the programs that access the Internet in “background”, just press the shortcut keys “CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to start Task Manager”-tab “performance”-“Open Resource Monitor.

consuming Internet programs

Now, go to the tab “network” and “consumers” of the Internet. If necessary, click with the right mouse button and select “end process” (complete only the unnecessary processes, if you have any questions, send your comment).

6. Improve the device performance

To take advantage of the maximum speed of the Internet, it is necessary that your device has the necessary performance. As such, it is always a good idea to optimize the performance of your computer (smartphone or tablet).

For more details, see the following tutorial: how to improve PC performance.

7. Remove Malware

If your computer (or smartphone) is infected by malware, it surely will have a much lower performance, affecting also the speed of the Internet. To ensure that your computer is free of Malware, perform the procedures from following tutorial: how to remove viruses, Trojans or other Malware.

8. Change DNS

Change dns on your computer (smartphone and tablet) allows a faster access to web pages. In practical terms, this will not increase the speed of the Internet, however, is a major optimization for quick browsing.

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