Increase size of emoji

Now it is possible to change the “default” icon of tanned on Faceboook Messenger and may use a different icon for each conversation.

Facebook allows you to increase the size of icons in their conversations.

We remind our readers that this amendment can be made through the Mobile Service (Messenger), Android and iOS systems, as well as on the PC version via Messenger Online.

How to change the icon to enjoy on Facebook Messenger

How to change the icon to enjoy Facebook Messenger

Start by opening a chat window on Facebook Messenger, and then press the “i” button in the top right corner. Select the “emoji.”

info button facebook

For this option to display the contact to respond to your conversations.

Choose the emoji that intend to use in your conversations, reminding that the icon is automatically saved.

enjoy button choose

To change the emoji on your PC just access the site and login with your Facebook account. In the window to your right you will find the option “Change Emoji”. Now, just select the icon you want to use.

Increase size of emoji

Facebook allows you to increase the size of your icons in order to accentuate an emotion or idea.

To do this, simply press the cool button without letting go until you get the desired size.

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