How to remove ctfmon.exe

The ctfmon.exe process is part of the Office XP programs from Microsoft, its removal can cause problems for the functioning of the Office, however if you do not have Office Xp and you want to make the most of your RAM can disable this process.

This process cannot be removed through Msconfig, or eliminating the program entry in the Startup menu, because the Windows creates a new entry and the process back to boot.
To remove the process follow the following steps:

Go to start menu-> control panel;
Choose regional and Language Options;
After entering the option referred to choose the tab “Languages”;
Then press the button “Details”;
A new window will appear, choose the “Advanced” tab;
Finally, select “turn off advanced text services”

How to remove ctfmon.exe

If for some reason you want to activate the process simply reverse this operation.

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