How to install the Cortana on Windows 10

Now it is possible to install the Cortana in your Windows 10 using the Portuguese language in Portugal.

That way, you can start research or perform some tasks just “talking to your computer”, reminding other systems like Google Now or the Siri (iPhone).

The downside is that you will have to use the “Brazilian” version of the system. Like other big companies, Microsoft decided to delete (at least immediately), the en version of Cortana.

To be able to activate Cortana, you must install the update Windows 10 birthday.

To know if you have this update, see our tutorial: How do I know if I have birthday update.

If so, go to the “start” menu and select “settings”-time and language-region and language-Add a language.

Add the language “of Portuguese Brazil” and tap the “options” button. Now, select the option that lets you download the “Handwriting” and voice. Wait until the transfer is completed and restart your computer.

Return to access the start menu-settings and in the search bar type “Cortana”. Select the “settings of Cortana and research”. Select the language of Cortana and activate the option “Hello Cortana”.

Is ready, you can start testing the capabilities of Cortana, by say hello Cortana “. If you have difficulties, please send your comment.

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