How to install driver not digitally signed for Windows

In an attempt to improve the security of Windows, Microsoft only allows digitally signed drivers.

On Windows 10 birthday update, Microsoft decided to tighten even more the “siege” to the unsigned drivers.

However, if you need to install drivers of old devices, unofficial sources, or even drivers developed by you, has 2 solutions at your disposal: enable Signing Mode or disable Secure Mode.

Let’s be clear, Microsoft is not trying to make life easier for users. This option allows only it is possible to install drivers that have been sent to Microsoft. In this way it is possible to block a lot of malware. If you’re determined to proceed, perform the following procedures:

1. Test Mode-Signing Mode

Windows has an option that allows you to disable the digital signature of the drivers temporarily. Your Windows will display a watermark in the lower right corner.

To do this, start by running the command line (Windows + X) and select “command line (Admin)”. In the command prompt window type:

bcdedit-set TESTSIGNING ON

If you get an error message indicating “Protected by secure boot”, go to the procedure 2. To revert the changes and disable “Test Mode”, go to the following tutorial: how to remove the Windows test mode.

2. Turn off safe mode

First restart your computer and enter the advanced boot mode. To do this, simply press the reset button while holding the SHIFT key.

Now, select “Troubleshooting”-advanced options-Startup settings-reset a list will appear with several options associated with a button “F”.

Press the “F7” to select the option “Disable driver signature enforcement”. You can install the drivers.

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