Hardware Failure

Ever happened to be working (or playing), and pufff … the computer turns itself off? It’s usually a very frightening experience for the user, who thinks the very worst-case scenario (broken computer).

However, there are situations in which your computer shuts down, to protect himself from any further damage.
Computer turns itself off-solutions

1. Problem of overheating

The main factor which leads the computer shutting down alone is overheating. Overheating can happen for three reasons:
The air vents are blocked, or the fan is not working properly;
The location where the computer has been placed does not allow proper air circulation;
The computer was subject to enormous “effort” causing overheating (for example, when running games with demanding graphics).

To check if your computer is overheating, we recommend that you read the following tutorial: how to check the temperature of the PC.

Remember, it is very important to keep your computer clear of dust fans, to maximize cooling. In the case of laptops (be they laptops, netbooks, etc.), you can improve the cooling buying a “cooler”.

computer shutting down alone, use a cooler

If you already bought your computer for some time, it is recommended to clean inside the fans. Although it is a simple procedure, it is recommended to use a specialized technical assistance shop for cleaning.

Computer turns itself off without warning-solutions

2. Malware

Another cause that may lead to “sudden shutdown” is a Malware infection.

In this case, you can reverse the situation using the program MalwareBytes Anti Malware.

For further instructions see the following tutorial: how to remove viruses from your computer.

3. Operating system problems

A faulty operating system may cause the sudden disconnect from PC, or even the famous “blue screens” error. To fix the error, you can restore your Windows:

Restore Windows XP;
How to restore Windows Vista
Restore Windows Vista/7.

If the problem doesn’t go away, use a CD\DVD of Windows to fix problem. For more details, run the point 4 of the following tutorial: Fix Windows startup.

4. Hardware failure

Another problem that can cause the computer to turn off alone are Hardware failures.

If you recently added a new component on the computer, try to temporary removal, to verify that there is no conflict.

If the problem persists, the best solution is to visit a service shop for a more detailed check. Incorrect handling of some parts, can cause an even bigger failure on your computer.

5. battery

If you have a portable computer, which turns off whenever it’s not connected to the mains, could mean trouble on drums.

The batteries are components subject to a huge “wear out”, being normal that there are flaws. In this case, you should consider the purchase of a new battery, compatible with your PC.

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