Fitness trainer

A personal fitness trainer in your pocket. Ever. Anywhere.
After 1 million downloads on the Apple store, here’s our sophisticated application “fitness trainer Android to dominate the world.
200 + free workouts and help you get that killer body that workout program with yourlife get in the best shape.
They will target the abdominals, back, biceps, muscles, namely the triceps, chest,shoulders and legs to practice these proven filter. In a few minutes a day to strengthen and tone your body can spend.
Here’s the “fitness trainer” you achieve your fitness goals to help the best applicationsthere are a few reasons:
Performed by a certified personal trainer 200 + instructional workout video.
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Track your weight see graph your weight and history, and view your workouthistory.
Set your goal weight and compared with your current performance.
Pre defined workouts: 1 day full body workout, 1 day full body workout, beach body workout, and many more.
The detailed practice technology information and tutorials.
No need different videos to download. All video application comes along and runswithin the application.
Fitness training beginners, intermediate and advanced levels are sorted by.
New beautiful user interface and design.
Fitness trainer to achieve their fitness goals that extra step and inspiration for all persons in search of the ultimate free fitness, bodybuilding and exercise trainer is.
Free application version is supported by the in-app ads. Application for location basedadvertising users user space tracks.
Any feedback received, thank you so much for your support.

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