Disable Unnecessary

Internet Explorer continues to be one of the most used browsers in the world, being a true “veteran” in the Internet world.

To get the best performance of Internet Explorer, and speed up the browser the most perform the following procedures:

1. Disable unnecessary Add-ons

Speed up Internet Explorer, step by step avoid adding many Add-ons to your browser. The Add-ons “extras” affect significantly the performance of Internet Explorer.

To disable unnecessary Add-ons go to menu Tools-Manage Add-ons – choose the add-ins that you want to disable-Click “disable”.

2. Remove toolbars (toolbars)

Toolbars make it slower and unstable browsers to remove the toolbars in your browser perform the procedures in the following article: Remove toolbars.

3. Speed up your Internet

After speed up your browser, you can get more speed gains by increasing the speed of your Internet.

To speed up your Internet should perform the procedures in this tutorial: Increasing speed of the Internet.

4. Clean up temporary files

Sometimes, the temporary files (Cache) of the browser can be corrupted, causing the loading sites is slower (or even impossible).

To clear the temporary files press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL. In the window that appears, click the button “delete”.

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