Buy SD memory card-all you need to know

When buying a memory card (SD), the storage capacity is the parameter with the greatest influence on purchase. However, there are other important parameters, especially for those looking for cards to record videos in 4 k.

Buy SD memory card-all you need to know

With the decrease of flash transistors that store the information, today it is possible to find memory cards with capacities that would be unthinkable in less than two decades ago.

In the market, you can find mini SD cards with 512 Gb capacity, exceeding the storage capacity of many computers. However, there are some aspects to keep in mind:

1. Sizes:

Currently there are two “major” sizes, the SD card and the MicroSD. MicroSD cards are best used in smartphones, tablets, etc.


SD Card

2. limit the storage device

If you’re going to buy a memory card for a Smartphone or tablet, it is important to check what the maximum capacity supported by the device.

Take as an example the Samsung Galaxy S7, a high-end smartphone. The maximum capacity of expansion is 200 GB.

3. Category of the memory card

The memory cards are divided into categories. The SD card, or HC and the XC, each of which has a maximum storage limit.

SD card: supports only 2 GB of storage capacity:
SD HC card: supports up to 32 Gb of storage;

There is also the new memory card type XC which supports up to 2 Terabytes of storage, although cards with this storage capacity, not yet available on the market.

4. card Classes

If you look closely to the memory card, you can find a number inside the letter “C”.

This number represents the class of the card, which may vary between 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

In practice, the class 2 represents the slowest cards and the fastest cards 10 class (reading and writing).

10 class cards are recommended for those who want to record videos in 4 k, or save photos in RAW format.

5. UHS

There are still cards UHS (Ultra High Speed) that have higher reading and writing speeds. These cards are designed for professionals, however, can only be used on devices compatible with this technology.

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