How to block an email on Gmail

Need to block an email on Gmail? Is saturated to receive content from a specific contact?

No problem, Gmail has a very useful functionality, allowing you to filter your incoming messages, deleting the unwanted content.

How to block email in Gmail

Start by accessing Gmail and get in contact message you want to block. Click the More button-“filter messages like this”.

How to block an email on Gmail

Now define what kind of filter you want to create. You can filter messages by e-mail, or certain words. When finished, click on the button “create filter with this research.”

How to block an email on Gmail

Finally, define what you want Gmail to do, when you receive a message that obey the rules you set. You can order its removal, mark as read, mark as spam, etc. Click on the button “Create filter”.
How to remove a filter in Gmail?

If you want to unlock your touch, just remove the filter that you created.

To do this, access the “Gmail” Settings by clicking the “sprocket”.

Click the “filters” tab and select the filter you want to remove. Finally, click the “delete” button.

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