Birthday invitation using Word Online

Currently it is possible to buy birthday invitations in any supermarket.

However, if you intend to make a custom invitation (including name, birthday, etc.), then surely that Microsoft Word will be a great help.

And if I do not have the Office? No problem, in practice, simply owning an account (Outlook or Hotmail) to enjoy the online Office programs. For more information, see how to use the Office for free (online).

How to make birthday invitation in Word

Start by accessing Microsoft Word and go to the “file” menu (or file)-New. In section “Office Templates”, use the search bar to find birthday invitations Templates.

Click the button “Download” (Download) to start working with the desired model. To point out, that Word still allows you to add multiple custom shapes, simply enter the menu “insert”-Ways.

Birthday invitation using Word Online

As already mentioned, you can also make a birthday invitation in Word Online. To do this, simply enter the Word Online and log in with your Microsoft.

Now, you can access the Office templates section, where you will find several very interesting suggestions. After finding the desired birthday invitation, simply click on the Open button in Word Online.

Note that some of the birthday invitations are templates for PowerPoint, you can also use without any limitation.

After you finish editing the birthday invitation, you can download the document to your computer (for example, to print in a stationery store), or directly print on your home printer.

Tip: need to create business cards (or contact)? Learn how to make your business cards free of charge in the following tutorial: how to create business cards.

If you have stayed with any questions, send your comment. We will be happy to help.

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