Benefits of Garlic

One of the benefits of garlic, its power is widespread antibiotic for years, but this super food has other qualities. Continue reading to find out what!

In addition to cure illnesses such as colds and flu, garlic is able to lower levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, reduce blood pressure, fight infections, fungi, as well as being an antioxidant (helps against premature aging of cells).

All this is possible thanks to the composition of garlic. He is able to improve cardiac conditions and has wide germicidal action, antifungal and anticancer.

Benefits of Garlic

In a nutshell, the garlic is a food easily found in supermarkets and greengrocers; at the same time is one of the healthiest foods found in nature.

Why garlic is good?

One of the other benefits of garlic is that it can be used to treat (and prevention) of infections, especially when it comes to colds and flu, because acts like antibiotic for the body and anti inflammatory to throat.

But after all, why garlic is beneficial to health?

In addition to owning several minerals and vitamins, other substances present in garlic ascribe to him the ability to cure.

Among the substances that make up the garlic, we can highlight:

Dialildissulfeto oxide: combating the lipids in the body and thus can reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.
German: this nutrient is responsible for controlling blood pressure, however, without downloading it so that bring bad side effects. It is a driver of oxygen, so it ensures oxygenation of the body.
Selenium: Another nutrient able to normalize blood pressure and, therefore, protects the heart of the formation of clots and atheroma.
Allicin: is bactericidal and natural anti anti inflammatory, which protects and strengthens the immunity of the body.
Check now how garlic works in the body and why should we consume it more:

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